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We employ the largest engineering staff in the worldwide trampoline park market.We deliver on the promise of custom designs that maximize a tenant's utilization of costly building space. Following receipt of a small design deposit, our team explores all layout options in pursuit of the most exciting and efficient layout for our client. Their work stops only when our top management and our client both agree the proposed design is the best possible.

Variety is alluring to jumpers and our engineering advantage provides the industry's widest selection of court features. Our selection of interior court features is ever expanding and answers customer requests.

To benefit our customers, we provide a custom layout for every trampoline park. This allows our customers to stand out in the market while also maximizing their space as much as possible. Engineers provide owners with multiple layouts to allow customers to see how each design will look and compare until they are completely satisfied with their layout of trampolines and colors.

Typically, engineers work with a customer's building space first to design a trampoline system that will fit and provide the kind of courts they most desire. Fun Spot graphic designer and website administrator Vipin Singh works with the customer to select their colors and create a 3D color rendering. The selected colors also play well into branding for the customer with emphasis placed on graphics.

Custom engineering of your trampoline park is a multiple-step process that our team will walk you through step-by-step:

Client building/facility plan:

At the initial stage, the client shares his/her building plan and drawings with us.Most of the time, we receive a drawing, video of the building or hand-drawn sketch of the facility that show where various objects such as pillars or columns are positioned.

Prepare building design in 3D and layout in 2D initially:

Next, we prepare a building drawing (in 3D) and design layout (in 2D) for the park. Often times, the customer prefers a court design. Our engineers and designers can alter the plan according to the customer's feedback. All layout follows ASTM trampoline and general norms.

Signed off layout and color render option:

Once we finalize a layout with a client, they sign off on the plan in order to move into the next phase of color rendering. Per the customer's request, we can provide a 3D color rendering for the layout in order to finalize the colors for mats and pads. These efforts will allow the client to visualize how the park will actually look upon completion.

Frame, mats and pads pattern in 3D design and production files:

Based on the signed-off layout, our engineering team creates a 3D design of various trampoline and other elements. Each aspect is assembled to build as described in the layout. After 3D assembly is completed, we create a bill of materials and production files for frame, mats and pads, as well as every component required to complete the job. The final step is to create layout and installation drawings for each discrete element in the trampoline park.

Graphics design and interior design with brand building:

Once the frame design is complete, the graphics team begins their artwork design for the park's check-in and other attractive features with unique branding of the trampoline park.

Shipment and Installation:

Once all components have been produced with the help of modern automatic machines and 3 Atoms staff, we ship the materials and arrive on-site to begin site installation.

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