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A trampoline park is a large investment and we want to ensure our clients have all their questions answered. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that our representatives answer for Fun Spot customers every day.

1. What is the average size of a trampoline park?

The average trampoline park has approximately 13,500 to 15,000 square feet of trampolines, which typically requires a building that is approximately 27,000-30,000 square feet.

2. What is the typical space ratio of trampolines in a trampoline park?

We customize every trampoline park layout to maximize the available space as much as possible. Typically, we are able to dedicate 50 to 60 percent of the total building square footage to trampolines. The layout of the building may affect the size of the trampoline area. The remaining area inside the building would be dedicated to necessities such as commercial restrooms, birthday party areas, a lobby, point of sale area, offices, etc.

3. What is the required ceiling height for a trampoline park?

Clear height minimum is 17-ft for most trampoline courts and 19-ft for most foam pit installations. We have worked several projects where the floor was excavated to permit a full trampoline system in a building lacking 17-ft height.

4. Do you have a variety of sample floor plans for centers?

We employ more full time engineers than all our USA competitors combined and take pride in exhausting all options to achieve the safest and most profitable custom layout design. Our designs are customized for your space so you stand out among competing parks and maximize your rent investment.

5. Where are the trampoline components made?

We operate the world’s most vertically integrated trampoline factory in Hartwell, Georgia USA. We produce fabric in-house from USA yarn, make springs in-house from USA wire, and build frames from USA steel. All steel and fabric fabrication is performed in-house. Our comprehensive manufacturing and skilled work force enable us to produce and ship replacement parts much faster than market.

6. What is the warranty for the equipment?

Our desire to protect our 42-year business reputation is your best warranty protection. It is important to us that our reputation as a dependable trampoline park manufacturer be upheld. A warranty for trampoline components will be established in a terms of sale agreement before the order enters production.

7. What is the investment cost to open a trampoline park?

We estimate that 50 percent of your investment will go into trampoline park equipment. The remainder will be used for other expenses such as build-out costs, point-of-sale system, advertising, etc. Since all of our trampoline parks are custom designs, we ask that you contact us to discuss the details of your project so that we may provide you with an accurate quote.

8. What makes your company better than other suppliers?

Engineering: We employ more full time engineers focused on trampoline systems than all our USA competitors combined. This enabled us to produce an ever expanding variety of features to ensure our customers are the premier jumping destination in their market. While others claim to provide custom layout design, we have a unique advantage in pursuing the exhaustive process to find the best layout for our customers. We don’t build stock systems and every system is built to.

Exclusive Colors: Our exclusive range of fabric colors build the industry’s most popular park brands. Our unique in-house weaving allows us to ship a wide array of exclusive fabric colors from stock or weave PMS matched custom colors to build our customer’s park brands. Our artistic design team provides detailed 3D renderings to assist customers in selecting court colors that equip their park for success.

Beauty: We are apparently the only manufacturer seeking to build beautiful trampoline systems to help your brand succeed. Our unique in-house artistic design team incorporates elements of customer branding into our trampoline systems.

Installation & Training: Our typical sale includes start-up coaching prior to shipment, an experienced lead installer working on-site with your laborers, and a four day on-site training program to equip you to launch safely and profitably.

After Sales Support: We make and ship replacement jumping mats same day to our trampoline park customers worldwide.

Reputation: Having produced trampolines for 40 years, we know our family’s most valuable asset is the reputation we have worked hard to earn. When honored by the trust of our customers, we strive to exceed their expectations and never miss opportunities to assist in their success.

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